Climate Assessment of the Southwest Projects

-- Tools for Climate-Informed Flood Mitigation: Integrating Flood Hydroclimatology and Paleodata into Flood Warning and Floodplain Management Applications

-- Southwest TreeFlow Project : The goal of this project is to transfer the knowledge and record length that paleodata provide into useful tools for hydrologic decision making

Improved Tools for Drought Planning and  Management -- Arizona Water Institute Project
in collaboration with Arizona State University's Decision Theater.

The main objective of the UA portion of the project is to provide a framework for the use of tree-ring data in creating drought scenarios for water managers.
See:  A Framework for Generating Exploratory Scenarios of Drought Conditions Using Tree-Ring Information


LTRR-SRP II -- The Current Drought In Context: A Tree-Ring Based Evaluation of Water Supply Variability for The Salt-Verde River Basin, with The Salt River Project

LTRR-SRP I -- A Tree-Ring Based Assessment of Synchronous Extreme Streamflow Episodes in the Upper Colorado & Salt-Verde-Tonto River Basins, with The Salt River Project


Flood Hydroclimatology    (selected publications)

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Synoptic Dendroclimatology   (selected publications)

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Paleofloods  (selected publications)

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Volcano-Climate-Tree-Ring Relationships
 (selected publications)

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